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I kind of like running a Mastodon server, just wish more people used it. :)

Sit down, turn on mixer, do an audio check.. "check check.." working good.. Load up notes for latest video, start recording audio.. Sneeze, cough, stutter, frustration. Screw it crank up "The roof is on fire!" and sing along.. ahh better.. we can continue now ;) -- A typical recording session for my videos.

Kind of funny watching the Blizzard support twitter account, all those people demanding refunds and extra time because WoW is being ddos'd. People get so upset when their game time is disrupted.

I just spent 2 hours troubleshooting, and then re-installing onlyoffice document server. Oh bot.. If I know it was going to be this involved, I would have recorded it and made a video. ha!

Well either its super delayed, or it doesn't work.. Bummer.. Anyone know of a Linux app that will let me tweet and toot at the same time?

Is it true that we can tag twitter users from mastodon? I'll give it a test

As a 'content creator' I run out of ideas. Seems anytime I come up with something, someone else in the community has already done it. So here I sit, with a form of writers block. *sigh*

Anyone playing WoW Classic on Linux today?

Woohoo, I have made $100.33 in 8 months on youtube.. I'm gonna be rich! (really, makes monitization pointless) at this rate, it will take 100 years to cover my costs to produce content lol.

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fictional poop mention 

My latest game review :

(last toot, I had it set to provate.. D'oh!)

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Mastodon At

Greetings and welcome to Mastodon at, This Mastodon server is for anyone really. I wanted to have one that fans of my YouTube channel could come and hang out, but you don't need to know who I am or anything to join up. One thing to know is this server instance is located in Norther California. If you are in North Cali, this might be a nice speedy server for you to you. Enjoy!